(BROOKLYN, NEW YORK) – Today, Brooklyn based renewable energy firm Lumi•Solair
was awarded the U.S. Department of Commerce’s prestigious Export Achievement Award.
The award recognizes the company’s innovative work to tackle some of the world’s toughest
infrastructure problems with U.S. renewable energy technology.

Congressman Charles Rangel formally presented the award to Lumi•Solair Founder and CEO
Baldev Duggal at the New York City World Trade Week annual awards breakfast at Baruch
College. During the award presentation, Congressman Rangel commended Lumi•Solair for
creating innovative renewable energy solutions in New York for global infrastructure problems.

Based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the company manufactures hybrid solar and wind streetlights
as well as solar power systems for telecommunication towers and energy backup for traffic
lights. Through their work with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Lumi•Solair has opened
doors in India, Africa, Southeast Asia and South America.

“Lumi•Solair is honored to receive the US Department of Commerce Export Achievement
Award,” said Mr. Duggal. “We are proud to be recognized for our 'Designed and Made in
New York solutions' to be implemented around the world. At Lumi•Solair, we are dedicated to
powering communities in an environmentally friendly way around the world - from grid-free
solar lighting to energy for telecommunication towers and traffic lights. These solutions are
economically sound and require no government subsidies. This award is a welcome recognition
of our strategy to work in the U.S. and abroad to eliminate the need for over $5billion in diesel
fuel spent on telecom towers every year.”

Founded by Mr. Baldev Duggal to foster innovation in the clean tech industry, Lumi•Solair is
dedicated to powering communities in an environmentally friendly way. Lumi•Solair’s grid free
products eliminate the need for underground wiring and/or costly diesel fuel and thus produce
significant cost savings compared with traditional grid connected options. Lumi•Solair’s first
major installation, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, has been lauded for its exceptionally
low cost and high efficiency. The company now has additional installations from Rhode Island
down to North Carolina and over to California. Additionally, the company has begun expanding
internationally with partners in India, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.